April 06, 2017

Senator Harris Statement on Confirmation of Neil Gorsuch

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Today, U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris released the following statement on her vote on the nomination of Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to be Associate Justice of the Supreme Court:

"Written above the doors of the Supreme Court are the words 'Equal Justice Under Law'-a reminder that the Court exists not to protect the powerful but rather to uphold the rights of all Americans. Whether or not the Supreme Court lives up to that ideal depends on the appointment of jurists who understand the profound impact of their decisions on individuals and on our society.

"After 4 days of hearings and a careful review of his record, I concluded that Judge Neil Gorsuch is not that jurist.

"Judge Gorsuch's deeply conservative views put him well outside the mainstream. Despite his claim to interpret the law without fear or favor, Judge Gorsuch has consistently sided with corporations and wealthy interests. And he has just as consistently ruled against women, against workers, against the LGBT community, and against Americans with disabilities and special needs. Judge Gorsuch may understand the text of the law, but he has failed to demonstrate that he fully understands the meaning of 'Equal Justice Under Law.'

"Given the controversial nature of this nominee, it is deeply unfortunate Senate Republicans took unprecedented steps to ram Judge Gorsuch through the Senate instead of the President working with Democrats and Republicans to find a consensus nominee. Now that Judge Gorsuch will sit on our nation's highest court, I hope he reconsiders his narrow judicial philosophy. The integrity of the Supreme Court and the lives of millions of Americans depend on it."