May 04, 2017

Senator Harris Statement Against GOP Health Care Bill

Senator Harris Statement Against GOP Health Care Bill

"The Republican health care bill is a statement that they believe health care is a privilege for the few, not a right for all. This bill raises costs and threatens access to care for millions of Americans. This bill jeopardizes protections for those with health insurance through their job, putting nearly half of the country back at risk of going bankrupt if they get a serious illness or injury. It guts Medicaid, and threatens services for children with disabilities. It allows seniors to be charged more, making it harder to retire with dignity. It discriminates against survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. It limits access to tax credits for Californians to make health care more affordable. And Republicans passed this bill even while admitting they do not know how much it will cost, or how many tens of millions of Americans will lose coverage.

"This bill is not just about medicine or math- this is about morals. Americans are counting on us to make their health care more affordable and accessible. I will join millions of Americans in opposition to this bill and do everything in my power to fight it."

The following groups and organizations are opposed to the GOP Health Care Bill:

American Lung Association


American Diabetes Association

American Cancer Society

American Heart Association

Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The National Coalition for Women with Heart Disease

March of Dimes

Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

National Organization for Rare Disorders

American Medical Association

California Medical Association

California Dental Association

National Multiple Sclerosis Society