August 01, 2017

Sen. Harris Statement on Vote to Confirm Christopher Wray

WASHINGTON – U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris today released the following statement on her vote to confirm Christopher Wray as the next FBI Director:

“For the past seven months, the President and his Administration have subverted long-standing norms that protect our system of justice. The President fired the FBI Director because of the investigation into Russia’s attack on our democracy. The President criticized the Attorney General’s necessary recusal in the Russia investigation, implied it’s the job of the Attorney General to subvert the rule of law in order to protect the President, and directed the Department of Justice to investigate his campaign rival. The President openly threatened the Special Counsel and the longstanding firewall that exists between the Administration and the Department of Justice. And this week, it was revealed the President directed a strategy to mislead the public regarding potential Russian collusion. 

“None of this is normal. This isn’t just politics or overheated rhetoric. The actions by this White House fundamentally damage the integrity of our justice system and undermine the faith Americans should have in its impartiality. 

“Given this Administration’s inability to show they are committed to the rule of law or transparency, respect the necessary separation between the Department of Justice and the White House, and honor decades of norms and values that are upheld every day by the thousands of brave men and women in the Justice Department who keep our nation safe, it is fundamentally important that the next FBI Director be committed to these core principles.

“I have met with Christopher Wray and applaud his service in law enforcement. In our meeting, Mr. Wray expressed his commitment to a Federal Bureau of Investigation that would be independent from political influence. He expressed his full confidence in Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the investigation he is conducting. And he expressed that the FBI would work with the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence to ensure our investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election would have access to the information and evidence we need to conduct a full, fair and independent inquiry. It is due to these commitments that I voted for him today.

“As a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, I will use our oversight authority to hold Mr. Wray to those commitments he made. They are more essential in this Administration than ever before.”