October 05, 2017

Budget Committee Adopts Harris’ Workforce Development Amendment

Harris Offered Numerous Amendments to FY2018 Budget to Support Medicare, Boost Middle Class Families, Reform Our Criminal Justice System, and Increase Transparency

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WASHINGTON – At a Budget Committee Hearing on the FY 2018 Budget Resolution today, U.S. Senator Kamala D. Harris introduced an amendment that would prioritize funding for worker training programs, which was unanimously approved by the committee. Harris introduced additional amendments focused on issues such as fighting against cuts to Medicare and protecting middle class families from unfair tax increases.

“This fund would invest in training programs to help employers upskill their current workers to fill positions that need filling and it would also invest in apprenticeships, allowing workers to retrain for new industries while learning on the job so there will be no loss of income,” Harris said. “I urge my colleagues to support this amendment. There’s a moment in time right now where the workers of America need help transitioning to the economies of the 21st century.”

Yesterday, Harris spoke out against the proposed Republican budget, noting that it does not address the core functions of government, including public health, public safety, and public education.


Additional excerpts from Harris’ remarks:

  • “Americans who rely on Medicare, seniors and people with disabilities, are up late at night struggling to figure out how they are going to make ends meet. One-third of chronically ill Americans are forced to choose between having food to eat or having medicine. This is not the time to slash Medicare.”


  • “I hear from Californians daily, requesting better housing and nutritional assistance programs. Yet the Republican budget eliminates housing assistance for more than 1 million families and nutrition assistance from nearly 2 million women, infants, and children. This budget does very little for families and working Americans. I say we instead keep our commitment to low income and middle class taxpayers and protect them from tax hikes.”


Full list of Harris’ amendments:


1) To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to incentivize States to reform their criminal justice systems to encourage the replacement of the use of payment of secured money bail as a condition of pretrial release in criminal cases.


2) To create a point of order against legislation that would increase taxes on taxpayers whose annual income is below $250,000.


3) To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to provide a path to citizenship through comprehensive immigration reform legislation.


4) To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to worker training programs, such as training programs that target workers that need advanced skills to progress in their current profession or apprenticeship or certificate programs that provide retraining for a new industry.


5) To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund relating to holding for-profit colleges and other institutions of higher education accountable when they prey on, mislead, and defraud students.


6) To establish a point of order requiring transparency and maintaining the requirement that the score of legislation prepared by the CBO be available online 28 hours before there is a vote.


7) To create a point of order against legislation that would provide funding to the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, a sham voting commission that is being used to support policies that suppresses the vote and purges voters that are elderly, students, working families, minorities, Americans with disabilities, and those in poor communities.


8) To establish a deficit-neutral reserve fund to increase funding for the Capital Investment Grants Program of the DOT.


9) [Sanders/Harris] To restore the $473 million in cuts to Medicare paid for by reducing the Republican tax breaks for the wealthy.